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Heat Pipes

Salama has the capability to design, manufacture and install the Heat pipes. Salama’s HRHPs are designed to be hassle-free with ‘plug and play’ technology. Heat pipes are passive devices without moving parts. The fins shall be of the rippled or louvered type to suit the application. Horseshoe type heat pipe is included in the AHU around the main cooling coil, it can remove considerably more moisture, while free reheat is obtained for better IAQ and energy savings.  Heat Recovery Heat pipe for energy recovery will be of the straight type and included within the AHU or within the supply and extract ductwork.


  • HSHP(Horseshoe Heat Pipe)
  • HRHP(Heat Recovery Heat Pipe) Vertical & Horizontal Orientation

HSHP (Horseshoe Heat Pipe)

Salama’s horseshoe heatpipes are wrapped around the cooling coil, with one part of the Heat pipe (Pre – Cool) in return air stream and other part (re-heat) in the supply air  Warm incoming air is initially pre-cooled by the precool section of the heat pipe. The air then passes through the cooling coil which extracts more moisture content. On next, the air passes through the re heat section of the heat pipes to reheat the air where humidity is pulled down to a desired condition.

HRHP (Heat Recovery Heat Pipe) Vertical & Horizontal Orientation

Salama’s HRHP HeatPipes are also used to recover energy between supply and exhaust air streams and can be installed in AHUs or in duct mounted installations vertically or horizontally. HRHP Works on zero potential without any moving