The Animal Feed Factory, which is owned by Sheikh Matar Ajab Al-Baqumi &Sons company, is currently under construction, 85 kilometers north of Dammam, along Abu-Hydriah motor highway road. and within reach to many poultry farms and other livestock raising sites , especially sheep and camels.

The factory is established on an area of 16000 sq.m.,with its main components consists of the following:

A/ A tower projecting 30 meter high to accommodate all machinery equipment, that constitute the main production unit.
B/ Four storage silos, having total capacity of 10000 m/t (1st stage),   entirely designed and built by an European company to facilitate safety storage and handling of cereals i.e. corn, barley & soybean meal as an essential input. In addition to a1000 esq.metre portioned storage building for the premixes, feed additives and finished bagged feed.
C/ Logistics ; Comprised of oriented buildings and sheds to fix supporting facility equipment for the production unit. In addition to the administration and residential area.
The factory machinery is of European origin, fully computerized and set to perform on an advanced technology in order to ensure producing feed of high quality. Production capacity is 20 ton/hr.of which 10 tones at least are produced as pellet and crumble. A second pellet machine of the same output would be fixed at later stage.
Dijla broiler and parent stock farms requirement, in addition to other commercial poultry farms in the region will be met.
As the factory, is also erected within reach of various livestock raising sites, especially sheep and camel, their feed is also produced.

Head Office:
P.O.Box 1043 Dammam 31431 - First Industrial City
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Tel Fax
03 - 8471287 03 - 8471963
03 - 8471959  
03 - 8473145  
03 - 8473560  
03 - 8473561  
03 - 8572809  
03 - 8577801