Quality Assurance system and certifications

Salama Engineering QA/QC team comprises of qualified & experienced engineers following high quality international standards in Manufacturing, Testing, Supply and Construction of Process equipment especially in heat transfer field. SEI committed for total customer satisfaction by strive ensuring Continual Improvement in Quality Management System.

SEI has been awarded international top reputed certificates which reflects our commitment to apply the best quality standards include :

1- ISO 9001:2015
2- ASME U Stamp
3- ASME S Stamp.
4- ASME R Stamp.
5- National Board (NB) Stamp

Design Capabilities

Salama Engineering design team comprises of qualified & experienced design engineers to undertake Thermal and Mechanical design of complex heat exchangers and generate fabrication drawings based on International Codes & Customer’s Specifications. SEI have been regularly executing jobs of such complexity for most of the leading companies through all the major Consultants and Contractors.
All engineering activities carried out to documented procedures as per ASME /ISO such as Planning, Reviewing – all aspects of design for adequacy, correctness and compatibility with the product specifications, Verification and Design Validation based on actual performance of product.



  • PV Elite (Mechanical design)
  • AutoCAD (Design drafting package)
  • HTRI – (Thermal design)
  • Aspen Tech (HTFS Program)
  • FEA –


  • ASME
  • TEMA
  • API

HSE capabilities :

Salama Engineering Industries being a 45001 and 14001 ISO certified company has developed a strong and positive Health, Safety, and Environmental culture. Meet its legal duty to protect the health and safety of all the employees and workers, and consider the adverse effect of each activities to the environment.

HSE programs has been established to strengthen the understanding, implementation and commitment of all employees and workers within the organizations such as but not limited to the following:

  • HSE trainings both internal and external.
  • Constant safety inspections.
  • Near-miss and incident reporting.
  • Risk assessment prior to carrying out activities within or outside the company.
  • Environmental waste management.
  • Air quality monitoring.
  • Sound level monitoring.
  • Wow safety award for best safety of the month.


SEI ensure to protect not only our employees and workers, but as well as our clients and partners by ensuring compliance to both local and international HSE standards.